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Palm Springs Webs

Palm Springs Webs had it's beginnings in the 1980's as an independant contractor in Los Angeles. It was the beginning of the PC age. IBM had just released the first PC desktop computer for business and big companies wereall busy downsizing their main frame programs to PC networks.

The first big job was at First Interstate Bank in downtown Los Angeles. 29 old main frame programs that ran the human resources deparment were to be converted to the PC network. That took almost 3 years working with nothing but the first version of Business Basic and a lot of home made database routines.

Gaining fame around the bank, jobs creating websites for employees soon came along and html was added to the skill set. Withon a short time PSWEBS operated its own server on Godaddy and over the next few years over 150 business webs were build for L.A. companies. By then Micorsoft had created ASP language so database systems could be built, and Javascript was usefull for images and style sheets.

E-commerce came on the horizon and shopping carts, product sales, customer and member accounts became common and many more websites were built with the new Micorsoft SQL database.

These days Palm Springs Webs concentrates again on the latest trends and turns it attention to creating cell phone Apps and responsive websites.